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thinkenergy looks at the energy of tomorrow, today. Every two weeks we’ll speak with game-changing experts to bring you the latest on the rapidly evolving energy landscape, innovative technologies, eco-conscious efforts, and more. Join Hydro Ottawa’s Dan Séguin and Rebecca Schwartz as they demystify and dive deep into some of the most prominent topics in the energy industry.

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Jan 27, 2020

Twenty per cent of all Canadians will likely develop a mental illness in their lifetime. It might be you. It might be your spouse, sibling, parent, child, friend or colleague.

Unfortunately, with the stigma around mental illness that still exists, people are much less likely to seek out help.

United Way and Hydro Ottawa believe that “asking for help isn’t easy, but getting help should be.” Tune in to hear Dan Seguin and special guest, Dennise Taylor-Gilhen Vice President of Community Impact at the United Way, as they join the ‘Bell Let’s Talk’ campaign in the conversation around mental health.

In this episode, Dennise shares about the variety of resources that United Way and other organizations are providing for people who are struggling, including community based counselling services and a 24/7 distress line.